Strait Lines + Disrupting Currents

haidaThe Haida Gwaii Museum proudly presents Strait Lines + Disrupting Currents, a thought provoking exhibition of artworks by Ruth Beer and Kit Grauer in collaboration with Soledad Munoz, Miles Thorogood, Phillip Robbins and Andreas Wanner. The exhibition features sculpture, video, photography and interactive new media that highlight visual patterns and forms provoking questions about the relationship of our present ecological circumstances, our history and our impact on the future.

This exhibition is made posible with the support of the Haida Gwaii Museum , BC Arts Council Pacific Coastal Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District and the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

P1020875-300x225Untitled / 3ft x 25ft / cassette tape

MG_9546-300x200Untitled / 3ft x 25 x 2 ft (Double Weave) / Copper Wire

Gray Publication


GRAY investigates the politics of excess and simplicity inside fashion. GRAY hopes to relieve the skepticism around pre-established notions of fashion by looking at dress as an agent for creative responsibility. GRAY will be produced on a quarterly cycle from its founding city: Vancouver, BC. In early 2013 – GRAY will be distributed through Vancouver to cities such as Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa, New York, Chicago, LA, London, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Prague, Budapest and Moscow.

Center Double Pg Gray Vol 1

5a_structure-1Pg 3 Gray PublicationVol 1




Encased sheets of tinted ice continually painted four canvases, melting the dye through the stretched fabric along with the temperature fluctuations within each booth. Beneath each canvas, the droplets of tinted water were caught by a sound responsive metal sheath of piezos. The sound of each canvas was then modulated and redirected through headphones so the viewer could listen to the music of temperature dependant imagery developing.